Social Interaction

Social Interaction Programme aims to meet the social needs of the physically challenged by providing avenues for them to interact among themselves and with able-bodied persons

Skills & Entrepreneurship 


Skills Training

This training aims to bring out the creativity within our Physically Challenged Friends and enable them to express themselves through the artistic activity.

Entrepreneurship Training

The objective of this training is to develop their entrepreneurial skills. They are encouraged to deploy their entrepreneurial skills by engaging in authorised public sales. This helps to boost their confidence, and at the same time endows them with practical skills.


With these trainings, our Friends are involved in the creation and the sales of the product. Furthermore, our Friends receive income from the merchandise sales, thus giving them a sense of pride and confidence.

Home Visitation

The Home Visitation Program involves volunteers in regular visits to our disabled Friends especially the severely disabled and homebound in their homes so as to befriend them and also cater to their needs.