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Your donation to Friend of Disabled Society will directly support our programs catered to the emotional, social and physical needs of the disabled on a greater level.

If you have no disabilities, you may not have given much thought to the financial, psychological, and emotional ramifications of not being able to do things that regular healthy people do automatically. If you appear physically healthy, you may be unaware of the painful discrimination that people with disabilities face on a daily basis in all aspects of life.

Consider yourself in a wheelchair attempting to negotiate a steep curb, entering a building or mode of transportation, or entering a bathroom that does not accommodate you. Aside from being inconvenient, these and countless other similar situations are also very disempowering to both people with physical and intellectual disabilities. They send the message that you are unworthy of being a human being.  

People with disabilities do not want to be dependent on others to do things for them; they want what we all want: to be self-sufficient and to be able to live with dignity and mastery.

At Friends of Disabled Society, we believe that the most effective form of assistance fosters self-efficacy, the belief that our friends with disabilities can set and achieve goals and master daily tasks. Our goal is to empower our friends with any types of disabilities to achieve maximum level of sustainable independence as contributing, responsible, and equal members of society.

We enable and empower our friends with disabilities through training and imparting valuable life skills, from development of creative art/products, managing simple administrative duties, training to sales of products.  All of which are valuable skills that can help them earn some income and hopefully move towards financial independence.

Currently we have over 150 friends with disabilities at FDS,  we are doing our best to help them become achievers.  However,  we need your help to achieve our goals so we can continue to provide support, training, workshop space, tools and equipment for our friends with disabilities.  We hereby invite you to donate generously to this cause.  Your donations will be a great help during this difficult time. 

Thank you. 


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