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Your donation to Friend of Disabled Society will directly support our programs catered to the emotional, social and physical needs of the disabled on a greater level.

Help us Support Individuals with Severe Disabilities through our new Programs

Sensory Reading Program

We love telling our favorite stories over and over as children and adults. Familiarity provides a sense of security. Sensory stories use repetition to instill confidence in children as they learn from stimuli.  This provides an opportunity for children to fine-tune their responses to different stimuli.

The world can be a frightening place for children with profound and multiple disabilities (PMLD). We can assist individuals gain confidence when confronted with new stimuli by sharing sensory stories.

Consider how you would feel if you were a person with PMLD, with limited mobility, impaired senses and/or cognition, and a dog barked at you unexpectedly while you were wheeling in the park one day. The sound could be strange and terrifying, causing your anxiety to skyrocket thus ruining your outing.

Now, think about what might happen if you had previously heard that sound in a secure environment with someone you trusted. The dog barking becomes a learned stimulus and you do not get frightened by it, and your outing is still an experience ready to be had. We open the world to individuals with PMLD by allowing them to experience stimuli in a safe space.

This programme will reach out to individuals with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD) who because of the severity of their condition are not able to attend schools. This program will involve a staff or volunteer and one of our abled persons with disability to conduct an hour of sensory storytelling weekly.

Your donation will go towards training, books, materials, salary for our abled persons with disability and transportation.

Home Visitation + Food Assistance Program

Help us provide food assistance to our low income friends with disabilities and their family by delivering groceries or grocery vouchers to them.  At the same time, being a listening ear to them and their caregivers to celebrate their little successes and find out the challenges they are facing.  With the information, we will be able to direct them to the best available government assistance programs.

Your donation will go towards purchasing groceries and grocery vouchers as well as operating cost of the program.

By donating generously to our cause, you can help make a big difference to the lives of people with severe disabilities and low income families caring for family members with disabilities.  

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