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Traditionally, batik prints are used on sarongs, kebayas and even cheongsams.  Our creative team decided to take a modern twist on batik by using Peranakan batik prints to handcraft this unique and exquisite Journal Notebook.

A diary allows you to share your innermost thoughts without worrying about an audience. This beautiful Handcrafted journal Diary notebook is the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone. The Diary is made entirely by hand making each journal as unique one.

The Peranakan Batik NotePad  sold excludes the displayed Easel Stand.

Your support mean we can provide opportunities for our friends with disability and their associates to integrate with our Society. We are of and for friends with disability and work to secure equal rights and access for everyone.

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The batik designs are cut to size. They are then glued on to the note pad with precision to form up as the Peranakan Batik Design Notepad.

Material: Blank page notepad with hard backing
Height: 18cm
Width: 12.3cm

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