The beautifully drawn artwork will be a great piece to display in your living room.

Your support mean we can provide opportunities for our friends with disability and their associates to integrate with our Society. We are of and for friends with disability and work to secure equal rights and access for everyone.

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Using Porcelain paint the Artist draws on the smooth side of the white Tile. It is then baked in oven at 130 degree Celsius to waterproof it. A soft matching felt is glued to the back of the Tile. It comes along with a black metal easel stand.

Material: White Tile
Height: 15cm
Width: 15cm

About the Crafter

Ng Siang Hoi who was born with hearing impairment from birth learnt to paint at a very young age. He enjoys painting Singapore scenes like market places, Singapore River, Merlion and old structure scenes. His painting which are done using acrylic paints has brought to life places of yesteryears.