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Colorful HAMA BEADS CHARMS are carefully made by laying tiny Perler Beads one at a time to create shapes and characters. Let this charm be part of your favorite items or add spark on your bags or mobile phones.

Your support mean we can provide opportunities for our friends with disability and their associates to integrate with our Society. We are of and for friends with disability and work to secure equal rights and access for everyone.

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Tiny Perler Beads are carefully selected and laid one at a time on a Peg Board following with ironing to fuse melt the beads together.

Material: Hama Beads, double-sided designs
Height: 5cm
Width: 4.4cm


About the Crafter

Selina with mild Intellectual Disability loves to take up challenges and pushes herself to create beautiful products. Using tweezers, she carefully lays tiny plastic beads, one at a time, on the template – resulting in various beautiful greeting cards, key chains etc, that are derived from her own creativity.